Mountain biking FAQs

Q1.  What sort of bike do I need?

A: A mountain bike (single or full suspension) or a hybrid.  Road bikes are not suitable.  It must be roadworthy with tyres pumped up.  A check test of the bike will be undertaken by the instructor before the ride starts.

Q2. What else do I need on a ride?

A: Helmet, glasses, gloves, spare inner tube, pump, tyre levers, water, a snack and a smile!

Q3.  I haven’t ridden a bike for years and am quite nervous off road

A:  This is our specialty, we take things easy and build up slowly so confidence will come.

Q4.  How far are the rides?

A:  It’s not about distance but quality time in the saddle.  If you want something specific these can be arranged.

Q5.  Do I need fancy mountain bike kit and clipped pedals?

A:  Not at all, start with comfortable leisure clothing and trainers but preferably not jeans. Advice can be provided on correct clothing for differing weathers.  Clipped pedals are not everyone’s cup of tea so please don’t worry.

Q6. Do you teach anything about bike set up and changing punctures

A:  Yes these can be covered if people want advice or demonstrations taking wheels on or off.

Q7.  Are you able to take out big groups?

A:  The ratio of leader to student is 1:8 so due to health and safety large groups are not available unless an additional instructor is present, which can be arranged.

Q8.  Can I book a block of lessons?

A:  Yes of course, nothing is ever set in stone so just get in touch and we can arrange something for you.

Q9.  Mountain biking looks quite dangerous with people falling off and getting nasty injuries, what safety measures are in place

A:  Our rides are tailored to the client with risk assessments in place to prevent unnecessary falls.  We pride ourselves in delivering confidence building trail rides for beginners and intermediates thereby limiting the chances of falling.

Q10.  Do you provide family rides?

A:  Yes these can be arranged.  U16s must however be accompanied by an adult at all times.